Day 4 of Jumping

Another post from my mama!
Jumping today was not jumping. It was more like cruising. We were cruising down the freeway before dawn. It was beautiful.
And then, there was traffic.
Yes, there were two accidents which held us up for longer than we wanted, but we maintained our cheerfulness. This was of course, after we left Santa Rosa. And by the way…this is a long state to get through:)
Jill and I had a great time. She is a good sport. She did most of the driving today so I could take a nap.
It was mostly freeway driving today rather than the coastal scenic drive like yesterday. We saw plenty of trees, trains, truckers, wine vineyards, almond, lemon and orange farms.
Oh and by the way, the temperature change was lovely! No jacket needed.
We indulged ourselves and stopped a few times to see some specialty shops and pick up some needed items. There is now only breathing room left in the car:)
We finally ended up staying in Bakersfield, California tonight. Our third and final night getting through Cali!
We’re looking forward to the landscape of Arizona and an even warmer climate!
I am very grateful for this wonderful trip and the opportunity to get to know my daughter Jillybean better.
I have a tendency to worry but I always feel better when I remind myself that the Lord meets all my needs. I don’t know how it is all going to come yet, but I just know that the desires of my heart will be met by Him, when and how He pleases. He surprises me everyday!
If there are any friends or relatives of ours who are reading this, please know that we are thinking of you and we write and take pictures for your enjoyment as well as ours:)
We look forward to a new day tomorrow and wish you the same! Happy adventures!