Day 3 of Jumping

Today was a stunning day! Drove from Eureka to Santa Rosa, California on Highway 101. I thought we would make it further, but seeing that we took the scenic route again, it took a bit longer, but it was well worth it.
I have to dote on my mama. I realize that my love of life and enjoying the little things has come from her. Even though she is 55+ she loves to laugh and play jokes. For example, I have undoubtedly expressed how some things she does bugs me. This may sound rude on my part, but I do it in such a way that it makes us both laugh. So, one of my pet peeves on this road trip has been her over-abundant supply of used kleenex tissues. I have made several comments about it and she just poo-poo’s it and says get over it. Finally, she turned it into a stinking funny joke and started leaving the used kleenex on my seat or on my ipad, whenever I wasn’t looking. Of course, this turns my pet peeve into a anticipated laugh!
My mom has a youthful way about her and it is refreshing. Since we were driving on a very winding road today, she wasn’t so comfortable driving. Thus she had the freedom to sit in the passenger seat, take in the beauty of the California coast and snap iphone pictures every 50 feet:) She was so cute taking pictures like a paparazzi photographer. Then she would preview her pictures and gasp at how many amazing her pictures were, even though sometimes she didn’t even look at what she was taking a picture of.
If there is one thing we are doing a lot of on this road trip, it’s laughing! There is nothing more sweet then making my mom bust out in laughter and demand I stop it or we need to find a restroom:)
I hope you are making time to laugh with those you love and find joy in the ordinary routine of life! Laughter is one of the best medicines for any situation you face…so get your dose frequently!!
Again, here are some fabulous pictures taken by us both of our travels throughout this glorious day!



For an additional fun video of our road trip today, click here: