Dream. Wait. Hope. Jump.

I haven’t written on here for over 5 months and I have no reason other than I just wasn’t compelled to write anything and I didn’t want to force it. So, with that said, let me catch you up!
In March of this year, I was talking on the phone with my mom who lives in the Seattle area. She was telling me once again about a dream she had of packing up and moving to Jacksonville, FL to be near her youngest daughter, husband and 3 grandchildren that she felt like she didn’t know so well because of the distance. As my mom shared her dream with me, I remember picturing my involvement in helping her dream come true. However, I lived in Utila and she was in Washington.
Then in June, I booked a one-way ticket back to Seattle to spend some much desired time with my family. I like to make it back home at least once a year. I have found also that when I do travel home from Utila, I like to book one-way tickets rather than round-trip. Then I have the freedom to let God decide on my future whereabouts:)

As I have been home, my mom has still been talking about moving to JAX, so we have been discussing more details on what that looks like. We both agreed to keep talking to God about it and let Him open or close the door.
Then one day about a month ago, my mom calls me up and says that she gave her one-month notice at work. My jaw dropped and I just started laughing in joy! She said that she felt God was leading her to do it that day and one of her good friends at work encouraged her to just do it. As she was telling me, she sounded so excited for taking such a big step of faith!


So, within a month of her giving her notice, here we are on our way to JAX! Today was our first day of driving and we made it to Springfield, Oregon. Nothing too exciting happened today, other than visible protection from God on the roads.


One of the greatest joys in this life is seeing someone I love getting the desires of their heart fulfilled by our loving God! My sweet mama has not been this excited in as long as I can remember! I am so grateful that God has given me the opportunity to join her on this adventure with Him!
My mom really wanted to blog about our trip across the States, so I invited her to join me in writing about it. We are going to try and take turns writing a post every night at the end of our day travels.
I just want to make one last comment about dreams. You may have a dream that has been put on hold for years. Maybe you have a dream so far tucked back in your heart that you have forgotten it. Don’t give up on it. I believe that God gives us the desires of our hearts if they will bring glory to Him. I can surely testify that His timing is never when we expect but if we remain faithful to let Him open the door for our dream, then His timing will be better then we could have ever imagined!