Autopilot Living

Lately, it has come to my attention that I have been on autopilot of daily life…again.

You know those moments in life where you recognize that you are just going through a routine (and it could be a great routine) and you aren’t enjoying the moments of life. Moments somehow are whizzing by and you can’t even remember what you did yesterday because you were too busy getting things done and checking off your task list.

I have advocated for Children of Utila 24/7, and most of it has been sitting at my laptop learning how to build a website, posting updates on Facebook, researching water filtration systems, listening to webinars about growing your nonprofit organization, chronodexing my time, reading ebooks, editing pictures, accounting for the finances, etc. All wonderful, fulfilling things.

But, have I missed the point of it all?

Some will say, “Well, you have to do the social media advocating so people know what your organization is doing. You need to make sure you are growing your donor base and you must do these 5 things to make sure you don’t lose your sponsors. They say that once you hit 5000 likes on your Facebook page, it’s all up from there.”

A few months ago, I was thinking along those lines too. It’s all for the kids right!

Just a few weeks ago though, when my external hard drive went kaput (with over 25,000 pictures on it), my colleague’s laptop died, and I kept hitting roadblocks trying to solve the technology problems, I recognized that God was testing me.

Yes, I believe with all my heart, that God is faithful to test me. Why? Because I pray that my life, my thoughts, my words, my actions…everything in my life would bring Him glory. That is very important to me – that God gets the glory for my life. I have undoubtedly seen and read in the Word of God that He uses tests in our life to show us what is really in our hearts.

Instead of getting frustrated, I went to prayer, thanksgiving and the Bible. I took a few days of reflection.

I was immediately reminded of how simple life should be as a child of God. I make it complicated. I get going on the “doing” of life and I forget to “live” life to the fullest.

I am embracing simple life once again.