Rape victims’ family moves away from perpetrator

A few weeks ago, I got word that a little 4 yr old girl was raped by a 14 yr old neighbor boy. Even though this is loathsome news, it is not necessarily shocking since it happens all the time on this island. However, when you actually hear of it happening and it happens to a little girl you know,  it is even more horrendous.
The little girl was taken to a doctor and it was confirmed that she was raped. The 14 yr old boy admitted to the rape in front of his mother and the little girls parents. The boy lived next door to the little girl. The victimized family had to travel to Roatan (the neighboring island) to file charges against the boy. This little 4 yr old girl is not his first victim. 14 years old are considered an adult in Honduras.
I am writing to ask for help for the family whose little girl was raped. The parents both have full-time jobs to provide for their children. They have two young boys in addition to the 4 yr old girl. They were living with their parents but immediately relocated after the incident. They had nothing in their possession when they relocated other than their bags of clothes. They are in desperate need of furniture (beds, dressers, couch, table)  and kitchen appliances for their new home.
Since I live here on the island and know this family, I wanted to present their need to all of you and ask for your help. If you would like to give to this family, please click on the “Make a Donation” button below.  All donations will go directly to buy the necessary items for their new home.
Thank you on behalf of this precious family!