New friends

Meet my new friends, Yair & Marcela, whom I met while in Antigua, Guatemala. He is from Israel and she is from Spain. They recently got engaged and moved to Antigua for work. I enjoyed being with them as a couple because of their genuineness, warmth and simplicity. Yair struck me as an “old soul”. He had many words of wisdom and articulate, refreshing observations about people and circumstances. Marcela is a beautiful compliment to her future husband, in that she makes you feel welcome and special. She is very comforting and kind to every person she encounters. I had been really sick a few days and both of them, at different times came to check on me and give me suggestions for remedies. We played ultimate frisbee together, went on a hike, ate ice cream, laughed, talked, and shared life experiences.
I am certain our paths will cross again…soon!