Casasito flat-mates

During my Semana Santa experience in Antigua, Guatemala, I had the opportunity to stay at Casasito Volunteer House.  The people who work and volunteer at Casasito are focused on supporting educational centers close to Antigua, including many surrounding rural areas. Some of my flat-mates were just passing through, like me, or they were there to volunteer with some of the many projects Casasito has thus far developed.

One of my flatmates, Michael,  is from Labrador, Canada and is a columnist in his country. He was making his way down to South America and his stay was prolonged in Antigua because of the festivities. This provided many opportunities for meals, great conversations, and acquiring yet another wonderful friend.

Ralph was another flatmate, who happened to bring vibrancy to the house. He is from Boston, Massachusetts and is volunteering for 4 months at Casasito. He became a willing tour guide to the market and (safe) ATM to withdraw money. He is full of life and is not afraid to tell you what he thinks about a subject.

Sharing travel and life experiences is refreshing and truly bonds people together.