I Am A Storyteller. You Are a Story Teller. We Are The Audience of Stories.

I am a storyteller. You are a storyteller. We are the audience of stories.

Here on my blog, I tell my story. I also go about my everyday life and listen to other’s stories. As a Gemini, I feel many other people’s energies wherever I go. I venture to say that each of us hears at least one story a day. Whether that is from a person, face to face, or a story you are telling yourself, or a story on the radio, or a story on a movie, or a story you read about on social media, or a story your friend told you about their day.

We are inundated with stories every day of our lives.

We are all storytellers. Can't we all just get along.

Photo by Neel on Unsplash

So, here I am just one person, deciding to take the time to write her story, to share her stories that interweave throughout this one, precious life. I realize that my writing will not appeal to all of you. Many of you might have a real reaction in your body to my writing. You may be triggered by your own similar experiences. There are others of you who will find one nugget in my writings; something that will make you curious. Then there are others of you who read my blog who may find a glimmer of hope of what it means to be human and wrestle with deep topics and experiences. I don’t write what I write many times because I am too afraid of what my readers will think of me. I let this fear obstruct what I feel is in me to write for myself and for others.

I am not here to intentionally offend anyone. I realize, especially the older I get, that I am on my own journey of transformation. Daily, I am seeking to find out how I can be fully authentic and manifest my true nature. I want to be present in every moment. I constantly am looking to be an open-minded, validating, understanding, nurturing, and loving human being. Most every day, I come into contact with strangers or people I know and within 15 seconds in their presence, I can sense the struggles they are going through or the encouragement they need most. Most often, because of my own lack of confidence in my gift, I just interact on a superficial level. But what I really desire is to break the silence of niceties and say what they are wanting to hear. I want to break the barriers of masking ourselves and get in the trenches with others.

“You are important. You are a good mother. You are a good father. Don’t worry, there will be enough money to pay your bills. I’m sorry your marriage is tough right now.” Sometimes, I just want to physically touch others and give them a hug. I believe that the human touch is one of the most powerful gestures we have as spiritual beings. When no words can suffice for helping another, a hug or touch on the shoulder can speak volumes of our direct support and validation. Validation of being human. The support that they are seen.

Each of us has a unique, one-of-a-kind story that is being lived every moment of our lives. I just happen to be one who has chosen to write about it. I willingly choose to bare my soul on this website called jillsonsteby.com. It is not easy and I am certain that two years from now I will have evolved in my storytelling, but this is where I am right now. You can read and agree or disagree. I have no control over that. I just have a burning desire to write.

And so I write. I write with the hope that you are validated. I write with the hope that you are inspired. I write with the hope that you are brought to the most intimate parts of your soul and you are open to hearing what you need to hear at the very moment you read this.

I guess I just wanted you to know that I am for you. I am for love. I don’t think we all will or need to believe the same. We are different and that is the beautiful thread of being a human.

Keep Being You!