No coincidences

On our way traveling to Copán Ruinas, Honduras on Hedman Alas, we met Julie and her two boys, Dillon and Luca. They are from Michigan and had been traveling for a month throughout Honduras and Belize. Just as we were arriving in Copán at 7 pm, Julie became really sick with a fever, chills and body-aches. None of us had a place to stay as we arrived in Copán but we assured Julie that we would get her to a place.

Within 15 minutes we all arrived at Hotel MarJenny and this family-run business took extraordinary care of all of us. That evening we took Dillon out with us for “baleadas” and ice cream on the street. The next morning Julie was still feeling sick so we took Dillon and Luca with us as we walked around Copán and ate some pupusas in the market. Luca had heard that we all had ice cream the night before so we promised to get him some. He never let us forget the ice cream promise until he had a cone in his little 5 year old hand with his sweet face covered with ice cream.

We brought Dillon and Luca safely back to their sick mama, with their bellies full and it gave Julie some time to rest. I am more and more convinced that there are no coincidences in this sovereignly planned life of each one of us. God never wastes anything and if we understand that, then we can truly live in each moment.