Trash-Talking = Victim Mentality

What if in skipping the pain, I was missing my lessons? ~ Glennon Doyle

When I choose to remain silent, even though my gut, my body, my mind, and my heart are all in unity, at that moment, I resist honoring myself.

And when I silence myself, my shift tends to trash-talk the other. I move away from my best self and I choose negative energy to inhabit my body.

So, as I was mowing and weed-whacking today at my dear friend Fred’s who passed away, I had this download and realized the following:

I am not a victim when someone else says or does something that doesn’t sit right in my body. I can trash-talk all I want about what they said or did, but that does not move me toward my best self. I have the privilege and honor of showing up for myself and using my words to express what I feel. I’m not saying that I have the right to be mean. I’m saying that I get to hold space for what is going on in my body and then choose and speak the words that celebrate who I am.

I am learning. I have made PLENTY of mistakes in talking about someone when the real work is knowing how to use my voice in the moment and in so doing, I cherish myself. Sometimes it is painful to look in the mirror and see that I have behaved in a way that betrays myself. But I am willing to keep looking in that mirror.

The real work isn’t in pointing the finger at another.

The real work is in reflection.

The real work is in self-awareness.

The real work is in knowing yourself.

Photo by Pablo Guerrero on Unsplash