No uniform. No education.

I am not sure why the Honduran public school system has this particular rule, but if the children do not come in uniform to school they are not allowed in. Many families have only one uniform between 3-4 children, so they send one kid on Monday and then another kid on Tuesday and so forth. Furthermore, siblings are not just sharing with themselves, but they are sharing with their cousins who live in the same house. Many of the children have to wear shoes that are 3 sizes too big.

Can you imagine not getting an education because you couldn’t afford $28 to spend on a uniform and black shoes? Many people I know spend $28 in a day and get a latte and takeout for lunch. For children on our island here, $28 gets them a ticket in the door for an education.

These children are just precious and we are going to do all we can do get them their uniforms in the next few weeks so they all can have a chance to an education. If you want to contribute to buying a uniform, please email me at

A little boy from public school in Utila, Honduras

A group of school kids sitting on a bench in Utila, Honduras