Horses. Planes. Streets. Caribbean.

Yesterday I spent the day in La Ceiba with great friends getting special grocery items, trying to take care of internet contracts, eating Sushi and taking in the unique, primitive ways of Honduran culture. Sometimes you just have to get off the island and get refreshed. One of these days I want to spend the day in La Ceiba just photographing the culture because it is definitely unique and different to living in the United States. The image I included below is an obvious one.

I had the privilege of flying over to the mainland which was a smooth 15 minute ride compared to a 60 minute rough ride on the ferry. On the way back to the island I had a little space out my window to capture the harbor. Getting an aerial view of this island brings a greater perspective of just how small and beautiful it is. I am grateful to live here at this time in my life!


On the streets of La Ceiba, Honduras

Utila harbor