Day 9 of Jumping

We are definitely on the home stretch now people! And boy are we ready for some home cooked food and relief from living out of a suitcase:)
We drove 400+ miles today and made it from Katy, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana where we are now resting for the evening. I have been here a few times before and am excited to now be taking my mama through some of my previous experiences. In the morning we will partake in a few beignets at Cafe Du Monde and enjoy the lively culture of the French Quarter before hitting the road again and making our way to JAX!
One more fun story about our stop here in New Orleans…
Most of you reading this know that I have been living in Utila, Honduras for the past 3 years with my friend Jeanne Perkins. We started a nonprofit there, Children of Utila, where we advocate for the students at the public school on the small island off the coast of Honduras. She is still there continuing in our work with the school children. Since I have been back in the US since June this year I have been asking her to give me a list of things she needs so I can send it to her. I have been gathering those needed items for awhile and then recently a friend of mine who used to be in the business of making shipping boxes for his products, said we could just make a box to ship everything to Jeanne and it would be almost indestructible! I was ecstatic that he offered and within 5 hours we had the box made ready to be filled with goodies:)
So, you’re asking where does this fit in to New Orleans? Well, the shipping company that we use to ship to Utila happens to have a warehouse in Kenner, which is 15 minutes from New Orleans! We have had the box filled with goodies in our backseat all this way and tomorrow I get to finally ship it to Jeanne! I will add a picture tomorrow of the box being shipped!
We hope you are enjoying our posts of seeing dreams come true! We are so grateful for God’s guidance, provision, and protection all along this journey!
Until tomorrow:)20131111-205306.jpg20131111-205322.jpg20131111-205313.jpg20131111-205328.jpg20131111-205335.jpg20131111-205351.jpg20131111-205404.jpg20131111-205421.jpg20131111-205415.jpg20131111-205428.jpg20131111-205505.jpg20131111-205459.jpg20131111-205443.jpg20131111-205534.jpg20131111-205512.jpg20131111-205551.jpg