Today I did for one…


When I am on the grounds of the public school here on Utila, with 300+ children running around, I don’t want to only see the mass, I want to see each one. Every time I am there or if I run into the children on the streets, I am adamant about learning each name and committing their face to memory.

children standing in court during the assembly at CEBRH in Utila, Honduras.


Last week, I had one particular kid on my mind because he loves to draw and I am working on creating a logo for Children of Utila. Instead of just thinking that I could include him in the logo creation, I decided to invite him to help me. I asked him to meet me after school and explained we would be working on a drawing project. He said “okay.” When it was time to meet, he was there on time and he brought his favorite pens. He was dressed nicely and had a big grin on his face. We spent an hour, both working on the logo. We kept exchanging compliments of each other’s drawings. When the time was done, I thanked him and he said, “Thank you for helping me help you.” I chuckled and gave him a hug and we said goodbye.

The next time I saw him, he had two more pieces of paper with new drawings and some that his mom helped him with. He asked when we were going to meet again. I told him I would let him know. This made my heart rejoice. It didn’t take but one hour of my life to invest into the life of a boy. I am not saying this to pat myself on the back. I am writing to hopefully encourage you to not just think about touching someone else’s life, but to take action and do it. It doesn’t have to be something huge, it can just be simple.

Boys at CEBRH standing outside of a classroom. Utila, Honduras