Road trip for books

Last week was over-the-top! Why?

1 – Boxing up 1000+ books and shipping them to Utila for the first ever library of the public school, Centro Educacion Basica Republica de Honduras!

Over 1000 books were donated from Syrnga Middle School last week for the first ever library of a public school in Utila, Honduras.

Syringa Middle School went all out! 1000+ books here!

2 – USPS had an amazing media rate which was $500 less than the shipping company I had researched

3 – Road trip in a convertible (that’s for sale) with beautiful weather and saved much $$ in gas because it got great gas mileage. Plus, Idaho gas prices are almost $.60 cents cheaper than good ol’ Washington State.

4 – Traveling companions – Older sister, Jen. Nephew, Colsen. Niece, Grace. With the four of us, we had the 1000+ books boxed up in 2 hours!

Road trip to Idaho to collect books for the public school's first ever library in Utila, Honduras.Me and my sister having fun as we road trip it from Seattle to Idaho to box up 1000+ books for the kids in Utila, Honduras.

Me and Colsen boxing up books at Syringa Middle School, ID to be shipped to Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras

5 – Seeing a college basketball friend. Haven’t seen her for 15 years. She got the ball rolling on the book drive and she let us stay in her home with her family, so we didn’t waste money on a hotel. So thoughtful!

6 – Had coffee with another dear friend and saw her beautiful new home

7 – On our way out-of-town we had breakfast with another friend, from junior high school. Hadn’t seen her for at least 12 years and got to meet her darling son, Dresden.

8 – Helping the children of Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras by getting them books to read!

9 – Brittney and the student council at Syringa Middle School in Caldwell, ID did an outstanding job getting the 1000+ books donated! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

10 – Life is an adventure if you learn to take some risks! This picture reminds me that I can always look back and count my blessings. It does my soul good to recount all the things I am grateful for! And at the same time I am facing the future with excitement and hope for the adventures ahead!

Don’t let over-reasoning cause you to miss out on life’s adventures! Take some risks on what makes you come alive! We don’t get this life again!

Road trip from Idaho to Washington boxing up 1000+ books for the first ever library of the public school in Utila, Honduras.