One life at a time.

As I have spent time in parts of this beautiful island where there are many people in extreme poverty, I have to balance the feeling of being overwhelmed with knowing that I can touch one life at a time. I may not be able to buy a bag of groceries for every family I see as I walk throughout campenado or campolacho, seeing that I don’t even have a steady income myself. It is a huge task to think about teaching every adult how to read and write in their native language and in English, but I can give a few hours every week teaching a handful of children how to. In the new project we started to give uniforms for kids who don’t have them so they can attend school, we may not be able to get every kid their own uniform, but I can start with getting a uniform for one of them. Or I can invite others to get involved and donate to the needs of the children.

A little boy without a uniform walks into the school gate in Utila, Honduras.

A little boy without a uniform walks into the school gate.

You may not be able to solve world hunger or provide clean water to every developing country. You may never even be able to visit a country where these conditions exist. Some days the only thing you can do is give a child a hug and look in their eyes and tell them they are precious. Some days maybe you can buy a bag of groceries for a single mother and her children. Maybe today you can call someone who has been on your mind and tell them you are thinking of them.

I am 100% convinced that giving to others, in the many forms that it can be executed, keeps my eyes off myself. I have personally experienced that the more I give to others – my time, my talent, my treasure – the less I think of my needs and my wants. Life becomes more simple, more fulfilling. It’s important not to get paralyzed when we read or see extreme need in people’s lives. Just got for it and do what you can…even if you think it’s insignificant – it’s not!

A little girl is smiling as she works on a word search and maze.

Mathi smiles for me as she works on her puzzle.